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got something here is a work in progress pic plz comment saying what you think and i will get on with it

lol haven't done anything in a long time

woo pico day

2010-04-21 10:51:52 by squidydeathblob

ok people i need some help coming up with a pico day flash and were can i get the preloader cos i don't know is there a pico preloader for 2010

woo i just got gimp people

2010-04-06 15:39:33 by squidydeathblob

sooo if you want a commission of anything just ask one at a time though i am a slow worker and i mean sloow lol but if it is a oc just send me the link to your art and tell me what the char is called and i will draw it for you

more pivot stuff

2010-04-03 06:27:58 by squidydeathblob

this took me about 20 minutes to look for sprites and make the animation made in pivot

more pivot stuff

some pivot stuff

2010-04-03 06:04:25 by squidydeathblob

..... stuff

some pivot stuff

this is something i have just started to draw will probably be done tomorrow morning done in paint and there is a skin colour chart so i could use the colours for the skin

work in progress with pic


2010-04-02 14:46:41 by squidydeathblob

lol this is something i made with pivot took me five minutes


ok i have had an idea for a massive collab dunno what it should be about ask if you want to be in it ok and someone can please think of an idea i have no idea what to do the person that gives me the best idea what to do will get an umm ..... i.o.u yeah for a piece of artwork ohh yeah and some voice actors once i get an idea for the script

stuff i am working on

2010-03-19 17:04:01 by squidydeathblob

i am making a picture of tom fulp the way he is drawn in portal defenders up tommorow-ish who is your fave character in the game

just joined

2010-03-19 16:03:36 by squidydeathblob

hey my name is luke and i just created a newgrounds account some artwork is bein drawn at the moment so expect one about tomorrow-ish